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A. History 

“Negah Institute for Scientific Communication”, is an academic publisher, works as one of the departments of “Negah Institute for Social Research & Scientific Communication”. In 2009, it was established to provide professional services for academic journals. As an open access publisher, it works by its own professional team and collaborate with international service providers to maintain its commitment to produce journals, books and other scientific media content of high quality that reflects a passion for knowledge and education.

Currently, Negah Institute for Scientific Communication publishes 10 peer-reviewed academic journals to support the research and publication needs of academic institutes in all of the scientific fields. Above, click on the Journals link in the menu to see which of our journals serves your publication needs. Also, you may find our publication services and terms here:

B. Publication Services 

Journal Management

  • Establishment and management of scientific journals and magazines
  • Consulting to academic institutes for establishing new journals
  • Establishment of an online system of management, reviewing, and publishing the journals


  • Editing based on AMA Manual of Style
  • Plagiarism Checking through iThenticate Software
  • Scientific and methodological editing
  • Technical editing
  • Proof editing of articles in English and Persian
  • Persian – English Translation

Graphic Designing

  • Cover design
  • Professional layout designing
  • Designing other graphic elements of journals such as logo, flyer, and etc.


  • Digital Printing
  • Offset Printing

Publishing: Improving Visibility of Articles

  • Improving visibility of the journals' articles and increasing their impact factor.
  • Management of online and offline publishing of articles
  • Web designing
  • Establishing online management of journals
  • Publishing articles in academic social networks, including Mendeley, Researchgate, Academia, Linkedin, etc.
  • Registration doi for articles

Indexing Journals

  • Consulting to editors for improving journals’ quality based on bibliographies databases criteria
  • Scientometrics Services
  • Applying for indexing journal in bibliographic database, such as ISI Web of Science, PubMed, Scopus, ISC, EMBASE, EBSCO, Copernicus, DOAJ, Google Scholar, etc
  • Producing XML Packages for archiving articles in PMC, DOAJ, J-Gate, etc


C. Terms & Conditions:

“Negah Institute for Scientific Communication” has accepted terms and conditions of following organizations:

1.    Publishing Ethics

2.    Research Ethics 3.    Reviewing Process 4.    Conflict of Interest 5.    Open Access Policy & Copyright
  • Under  Bethesda Statement on Open Access Publishing (June 20, 2003), Negah Journals are fully compliant with open access mandates, by publishing its articles under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license (CC-BY-NC).

6. Achieving Policy

Achieving policy in Negah Institute for Scientific Communication is based on the journals websites also in PubMed Central, Islamic Citation Index Science (ISC), Science Information Database (SID), Barakatkns, DOAJ, Google Scholar, and Academic Social Networks such as Academica, Mendeley, and so on . Meanwhile, the publisher is protecting the journals' website archive even after stopping their publication to guarantee the journals’ content for long time.




"Negah Institute for Scientific Communication” has accepted terms & conditions of following organizations:


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